Sahana Realty

Our Legacy

Legacies are built on years of hard work, commitment and a passion to delight people with revolutionary offerings.

Sahana Realty's humble beginnings date back to 2003, when the entity was originated as ‘Sahana Builders and Developers Pvt Ltd’. Since its inception, the real estate luminary has successfully delivered several well-crafted and exceptional residential and commercial projects across the city.

Sahana Realty's first accomplishments include commercial ventures viz. the ‘Sahana Shopping Arcade’ in Malad (W) and ‘The Kenilworth Mall’ in Bandra (W). In 2005, the organisation completed its first residential venture, named ‘Juhu Bungalow’.

Over the years, Sahana Realty has simultaneously channelled its focus towards Slum Rehabilitation Association (SRA) projects because of which many slum areas are now marked as ‘redeveloped’ in Mumbai city. Moreover, the organisation maintains its constant efforts to deliver upscale real-estate landmarks to Mumbai's high-net-worth sectors.

In its quest to offer the best of both worlds, Sahana Realty ensures upscaling its offerings at every step of its growth story.